Everyone sees them as the love and the light, a life source to only imagine of. 

But I know different, I know the background, the story, the pain, and the truth. 
The monster tore me up and ripped me apart, leaving a small personality and big hopes accompanying sadness. A situation one struggles to heal with. 

They may be your angel, but they were once my devil, and healing from that will make me stronger than ever, but hopefully you open your eyes before your ignorance is exploited. 

Travel Terms

I appreciate traveling and the way my family is able to introduce me to different cultures at a younger age. My strongest (and quite simply funniest) memories often come from other countries. I like to think of my self as an international diver although I’ve only dived once. I can also consider myself as an international puker, that happened in the streets of Domincan Republic. Traveling has led me to experience my best, and honestly a few worst, encounters… but in a way that I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every moment.